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Who, Me Lead a Group?

by Jean Illsley Clarke, M.A.

From the introduction to the book:

So you are going to lead a group? Fine. If you have led groups, you will find that this book addresses, perhaps in new ways, many things you have already experienced. If you are about to lead your first group, you will notice that the book is organized around ten questions. These are the questions that people frequently ask as they prepare to lead groups. I suggest that you read quickly through the first nine questions. No doubt you will realize how much you already know about leading groups.

The tenth question, “How Do I Plan My Meeting?”, offers help in preparing for a specific group meeting. As you make your plans, you can look back to earlier questions and reread sections that will help you clarify what you need to do.

Table of Contents

How to Start

Four Types of Groups
Discovery groups
Sharing groups
Skill-building groups
Planning groups

Question 1. What Are the Qualities of an Effective Leader of Adult Learning Groups?

Question 2. How Do Adults Learn, and How Can I Facilitate Adult Learning Groups?

What Motivates Adults to Learn?
What Are the Steps in Adults’ Learning Process?
Step 1: Where Adults Get Information
Step 2: How Adults Organize Learning Material
Step 3: How Adults Take in Information
Step 4: How Adults Start to Make Changes in Their Lives
Step 5: How Adults Look, Act, and Sound While They Are Learning New Skills

Question 3. How Do I Open the Meeting, and How Important Is the Opening?

What Are the Qualtities of a Good Opening Activity?

Question 4. How Can I Design a Meeting to Help Learning Happen?

Step 1: Plan for Indirectness
     Suggestion Circle
Step 2: Negotiate Ground Rules
     Ground Rules
     Cognitive Organization
Step 3: Set Clear Behavioral Objectives
     Ends or Means Objectives
     Action Words
Step 4: Divide the Learning Experience Into Steps
Step 5: Arrange the Steps in an Orderly Progression

Question 5. How Do I End the Group, and How Important Is Closure?

Question 6. What Is My Responsibility to the Group? What Is My Contract?

Contract Form

Question 7. What Will I Do if Problems Arise?

Drama Triangle

Question 8. What Will I Do If Someone Wants to Use the Group for Personal Therapy?

Question 9. What Can I Do to Prepare Myself?

Question 10. How Do I Plan My Meeting?

How to Continue


The Planning Wheel

About the Author

Forms For Group Use

How Many Senses?
Evaluation Form
Checklist For Leadership Skills
Meeting Plan


Link to book description

For adults working with groups
128 pages

$7.99 pdf, epub, mobipocket

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Book Description
About the Author

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Last updated June 24, 2015