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Who, Me Lead a Group?

by Jean Illsley Clarke, M.A.

Are you nervous about leading a group? Worry no more! Human development specialist Jean Illsley Clarke brings half a century of experience as a group leader to your rescue. Learn about—

  • techniques that maximize group dynamics
  • qualities in yourself that make you an effective leader
  • how to avoid sabotaging yourself before you begin to speak
  • ground rules that help keep your meeting on track
  • what to do when someone wants to use the meeting for their agenda
  • how planning and preparation almost guarantee a successful meeting

This practical book takes you step-by-step from planning to leading your meeting successfully. An invaluable aid for anyone working with adults in community and religious organizations, training, counseling, business, schools, hospitals, social services, etc.

Book cover

For adults working with groups
128 pages

$7.99 pdf, epub, mobipocket

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Last updated June 24, 2015