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What Angry Kids Need

by Jennifer Anne Brown, M.S.W. and Pam Provonsha Hopkins, M.S.W.

illustrated by Mits Katayama



1. Understanding Anger

2. What Makes Kids Angry?

3. Dealing With Feelings

4. Tools Kids Need to Manage Intense Feelings

5. Tools Kids Need to Solve Individual and Social Problems

6. Tools Kids Need to Deal with Problems Outside Their Control

7. Tools Parents Need to Take Care of Their Own Intense Feelings

8. Help! Nothing Is Working


A. The Face of Anger at Each Developmental Stage

B. Factors that May Affect Attachment

C. Practical Questions About Time-Out

D. Getting Started with Conflict Management

E. Steps to Implement a Reinforcement System

F. Co-Parenting Agreement

G. How Skillfully Do You Manage Anger? Worksheet

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Useful for 2–12 years
140 pages
$14.95 paperback

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Last updated May 08, 2014