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What About Me?

by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.

“What about me?” wonders a little boy when his parents seem preoccupied with his sister and the baby. Bursting with charming illustrations by Mits Katayama, this picture book by a mother of four shows children how being helpful and caring gets them loving attention. Eileen Kennedy-Moore’s story gently handles the issue of sibling rivalry and show how every child can be noticed.

To use with What About Me?:

Eileen Kennedy-Moore has put her book into video. Listen to her melodic voice and watch the wonderful illustrations by Mits Katayama on YouTube.

Book Cover

Useful for 4–8 years
32 pages
$14.95 cloth

Media Kit

About the Author:
Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.

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Last updated May 28, 2014