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What do you value? What do you want your children to value? Committed to helping parents identify their values and discuss them with their children, Parenting Press offers these books.

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Using Your Values

Using Your Values to Raise Your Child to Be an Adult You Admire, written by psychologist Harriet Heath to guide parents as they determine their values, deal with conflicting values and learn how to base parenting decisions on values.

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Safe Connections

Safe Connections: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Teens from Sexual Exploitation tackles several tough topics, including “Raising Sexually Respectful Teens in a Sexually Disrespectful World,” which helps parents fight the barrage of mixed messages.

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Children and Chores

Children and Chores: The Surprising Impact of Chores on Kids’ Futures Why children should help around the home, what you should expect them to do, how to get them to accept chores and the surprising importance in adulthood of having done chores is all spelled out in Elizabeth Crary’s new guide.

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Am I Doing Too Much for My Child?

Am I Doing Too Much for My Child?: Getting Your Child on the Road to Responsibility and Independence explains when—and how—to take each step to making a child self-sufficient and avoiding the “helicopter parenting” so common today.

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Decision Is Yours Series

The Decision Is Yours Series introduce problems common in elementary and middle school today. Offers parents an opportunity to discuss values as well as strategies for handling issues such as peer pressure. Teacher guides available; aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Approved for use in California schools.

Last updated February 01, 2017