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Using Your Values
to Raise Your Child
to Be an Adult You Admire

by Harriet Heath, Ph.D.

illustrated by Anna Dewdney


First Thoughts

1. Living with Values

What is a value?
How people show their values
Teaching values

2. What Are Your Values?

Identify your values
Your personal values guide
What do your values mean to you?
Define your values

3. How Do Children Acquire Values?

Values reflected at birth
Values may need to be taught
Values can be lost
Values may be in conflict

4. Values Can Guide Family Life

Integrating values into parenting
Values guide decisions
Values guide planning
Questions about integrating values

5. Basic Needs Affect Learning

What are needs?
Needs as motivators
What children learn

6. Readiness to Learn Values

Developmental stages
Levels of understanding
Development of thinking

7. Considering Temperament Patterns

What is a temperament pattern?
Ten Temperament Traits
Temperament patterns and values

8. Working with Learning Styles

What is a learning style?
Problems related to learning style
Values and learning styles

9. Resolving Conflicting Values

Values in conflict
Your partner’s values
When partners are aware
Finding common ground

10. Teenagers Need Values to Test

Teenagers build personal value systems
Communicating with teenagers
Discussions can be difficult
Parents can have a role
Parents may need to rethink values


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Useful for birth–teens
176 pages
$16.95 paper (OUT OF STOCK)
$24.95 cloth
$21.95 library

. . . a collection of sensible thinking tools for parents and children, presented in a highly accessible format. ForeWord

Book Description
Media Kit
Family Values Poll

About the Author:
Harriet Heath, Ph.D.

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Last updated May 28, 2014