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Unplugging Power Struggles

by Jan Faull, M.Ed.

Reviews and Comments

Parent educators are enthusiastic:

“Jan’s a marvelously insightful person who really knows what makes toddlers tick. You’d swear she knows exactly what’s going on in your home! Jan looks at raising children as really just dealing with little people, not a sub-species of the human race. We use her as a parent educator as often as we can.”
—Sue Bordenet
Coordinator of Maternity Center Education, Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland, Wash.
“Several of my Head Start parents went to [Jan Faull’s] talk recently and thought it was marvelous, which I can readily believe because [her] training for the parent staff has been outstanding! It’s always good information, useful and practical–and presented with style and humor.”
—Mary Hickey
Director of Head Start, Bellevue (Wash.) Community College
“Jan incorporates into parenting the basic aspects of any good relationship: cooperation, responsibility, self-esteem, and respect. Jan’s classes—which cover a broad spectrum of topics and ages—always fill up quickly.”
—Lark Young
Family Education Coordinator, Overlake Hospital, Bellevue, Wash.
“. . . Parents come away from Jan’s class with constructive solutions . . . that promote good self-esteem for both child and parent.”
—Bonnie T., program chair

Parents are enthusiastic:

“Jan’s column is a source I trust for accurate, positive assessment of parenting dilemmas and solutions and advice that works.”
parent letter to daily newspaper
“. . . Your article on step-parenting: ‘Expect Problems, Be Patient,’ was such an eye-opener it feels like a weight has come off my shoulders.”
—Brenda C., letter to the editor
“Jan has a unique ability to help parents understand their frustrations and cope with the pitfalls of raising children. (She has) a non-judgmental ability to get you talking about your parenting.”
—William L., parenting class attendee

And so are magazine and newspaper editors:

“I leaped at the chance to read this book. . .As adoptive parents learn, the [power] struggles often take a special twist as a child tries to leverage her situation with shrieked comments such as: ‘You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not my real mom!’ Although [Faull] never specifically addresses adoption issues, [she] does provide worthy advice for coping with power struggles and understanding why they happen.”
—Adoptive Families
In “Choose Your Battles,” the September 2006 issue of Parenting cited Unplugging Power Struggles and quoted author Jan Faull at length.
“Parents, you won't want to miss this!” wrote the Seattle Times.
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Useful for 2–10 years
128 pages
$13.95 paperback
$21.95 library

Book Description

About the Author:
Jan Faull, M.Ed.

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Last updated June 17, 2014