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Unplugging Power Struggles

by Jan Faull, M.Ed.


(Detailed Contents)

1. The Dreaded Power Struggle
2. Why Children Need Power and Control
3. Choices and Decisions Suitable for Children
4. Sometimes You Just Have to Hold On
5. Choices, Negotiation, and Compromise
6. Letting Go of a Power Struggle
7. Choosing Any One of the Three Options
8. Power Struggles You Will Always Lose
9. What You Bring to Power Struggles
10. Tapping into Your True Power
11. Rebuilding Damaged Relationships
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Book Cover

Useful for 2–10 years
128 pages
$13.95 paperback
$21.95 library

Book Description

About the Author:
Jan Faull, M.Ed.

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Last updated June 17, 2014