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Unplugging Power Struggles

by Jan Faull, M.Ed.

Children need to feel in control of their own lives. Too often, though, kids don’t have the developmental skills or the maturity to handle the power they want. Or you as a parent aren’t comfortable with the control your kids want. The result: power struggles

If this sounds familiar, you’ll find the help you need in Jan Faull’s sensible, easy-to-read new book. This experienced parent educator explains that yes, you often can avoid--or at least endure--the tug-of-war over power. But, she points out, there are some power struggles that are almost inevitable. Some you can avoid--and some you have to be prepared to lose.

If you’re struggling to accept your children’s need for control, Faull’s advice will give you the road map you need. She explains how you can continue to provide the guidance your children need and still allow them to develop competency and self-esteem.

“Four-year-old Jeremy and his mom Julie engaged in power struggle after power struggle . . . Julie’s problems with Jeremy came to a head one evening when she invited guests for dinner. This was to be an adult evening--children not included. To be part of the gathering, Jeremy started turning the dining room lights on and off as the adults ate their dinner.”

How would you solve this problem? See Jan Faull’s recommendations on pages 33-35 of Unplugging Power Struggles.

Book Cover

Useful for 2–10 years
128 pages
$13.95 paperback
$21.95 library


About the Author:
Jan Faull, M.Ed.

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Last updated June 17, 2014