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Understanding Temperament

by Lyndall Shick, M.A.

Detailed Contents


1. How This Book Can Help You and Your Family

2. Parenting with Temperament in Mind

Effective Parents
Development versus Temperament
Goodness of Fit
Time Is On Your Side
Tips to Remember

3. The Ten Temperament Traits
Emotional Sensitivity
Sensory Awareness
Tips to Remember

4. Why Parents and Children Clash
The Clash
The Vicious Cycle
The Solution
Goodness of Fit
How to Improve the Fit
Tips to Remember

5. What Is Your Child’s Temperament?
(A section for each trait—see list for Chapter 3)
Tips to Remember

6. Strengths Based in Temperament
(A section for each trait—see list for Chapter 3)
Take the Long View
Change Behavior Through Teaching
Effective Teaching
Tips to Remember

7. Building Good Family Relationships
Focus on Behavior
Take Care of the Easy Child
Self-talk Helps You Cope
Fifteen Things You Can Do to Build Close Relationships
Tips to Remember

8. Environment and Goodness of Fit
Parents’ Temperaments
—(A subsection for each trait—see list for Chapter 3)
Challenges to Temperament Create Stress
Avoid Stress
Ways to Change the Environment to Fit Your Child
Tips to Remember

9. How to Help Children Adapt Their Behavior
Wait and See
Recognize Your Child
Make a Fuss Over Your Child
Ways to Offer Recognition
Tips to Remember

10. Out with Labels, In with Descriptions
The Power of Labels
“Positive” Labels Are Harmful
Give Specific Information
Change a Label to a Description
Realistic Self-Understanding
Temperament and Teens
Tips to Remember

11. Discipline or Punishment? An Important Choice
Origins of Punishment
Discipline Versus Punishment
If You Feel You Must Punish
Tips to Remember

12. How to Prevent Temperament-based Problems
A. The Child Who Is Difficult to Manage
B. The Child Who Is Difficult to Keep Healthy and Safe
C. The Child Who Is Difficult to Be Around
D. The Child Whose Attitude Is Difficult to Tolerate
E. The Child Who Has Difficulty Focusing
What do Do When Skills Are Missing
Tips to Remember

13. How to Deal with Problem Behavior
Action Chart
Mentally Rehearse the Actions
Pick Three Behaviors to Work On
Role Playing
Tips to Remember

14. Behavior Management Strategies for Living
“Look at Me”
“Inside Voice, Outside Voice”
“Break Time”
A Recipe for Making Management Strategies
Five Steps for Creating a Management Strategy
Tips to Remember

15. Putting It All Together

Appendix A: Temperament Profile
Appendix B: Action Chart


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Useful for all ages
128 pages
$14.95 paperback
$21.95 library

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Cover art available
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Last updated June 17, 2014