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Understanding Temperament

by Lyndall Shick, M.A.

How do you handle a bookworm in a family full of athletes? Why does one child fear new things and another seem to fear nothing? What makes siblings, spouses, and other family members disagree on everything from room temperature to restaurants? Perhaps it’s time for a look at temperament.

Everyone has temperament issues to consider, and some families have a very interesting challenge with many temperaments that must coexist! Sometimes it is necessary for children (and parents) to learn to behave in ways that do not come naturally. The family is the best place to start acquiring such skills. Understanding Temperament helps parents—

  • Determine their child’s temperament and their own
  • Reduce conflicts among family members
  • Change problem behavior
  • Teach children needed skills to enhance success in life
  • Enjoy their children more

Temperament has a great deal to do with how a person behaves. A child’s temperament determines the kinds of parenting that will be needed for the child to grow and develop in the best, most individual way. The basic temperament types identified in this book each produce the need for different skills, which the author highlights through the use of family anecdotes. Using the examples and explanations in Understanding Temperament, parents can tailor their parenting to the individual needs of their unique children.

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Useful for all ages
128 pages
$14.95 paperback
$21.95 library


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Last updated June 17, 2014