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The Trouble with Secrets

by Karen Johnsen

Reviews and Comments

“Parenting Press. . .offers a line of publications to help parents teach young children about difficult subjects. Among their publications are The Trouble with Secrets. . .These are short, no-nonsense books meant to be read aloud to children in an interactive way. . .A good resource for helping convey a difficult concept to a youngster.”
The Woman’s Newspaper
“With such titles as It’s MY Body, The Trouble with Secrets and Something Happened and I’m Scared to Tell, these books help children learn to set their own boundaries, know the difference between loving and hurtful touches and how to respond appropriately. For children ages 3–12.”
The Children’s Post

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Useful for 3–8 years
32 pages
$9.95 paperback

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Last updated May 14, 2014