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Tools for Everyday Parenting Series

These books are great for new or frustrated parents. Fun to look at and fun to read, they present information in both words and cartoons. They are perfect for parents who may be busy with school, jobs, several children or other responsibilities and who have little time to read. Each practical book offers tried-and-true suggestions and tools for improving parenting skills. The series emphasizes ways to affirm good behavior, prevent problems, reduce power struggles, and acknowledge feelings. Appealing gift books!

--Parent Council®

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Magic Tools for Raising Kids
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365 Wacky, Wonderful Ways
to Get Your Children to Do What You Want
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Peekaboo . . .
and Other Games to Play with Your Baby
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Joyful Play with Toddlers:
Recipes for Fun with Odds and Ends
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Taking Care of Me
(So I Can Take Care of My Children)
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Taking “No” for an Answer
and Other Skills Children Need

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Last updated May 05, 2008