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Parenting Press launches with Without Spanking or Spoiling: A Practical Approach to Toddler and Preschool Guidance, typed on a 60kB computer hand built by Fred Crary. (For you computer buffs, it was an IMSAI 8080 that used a cassette tape deck for storage.)

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  • Publishes It’s MY Body . . . the success leads to several foreign language editions within a couple of years.

  • Introduces the Children’s Problem Solving Series . . . teaches kids that they have choices in how they handle issues such as name-calling and sharing.

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Spanish translations launch with Mi cuerpo es MÍO. Today the six-book Spanish library has 26,000 copies in print.

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Lying, bullying, cheating, and drinking are discussed in the Decision Is Yours Series for 7–11-year-olds, begun with Finders Keepers.

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A Horse’s Tale: Ten Adventures in One Hundred Years celebrates the Washington centennial with a 10-chapter story about children in each decade of the state’s history.

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In Pick Up Your Socks, Elizabeth Crary tells parents how to get kids to do chores. Meanwhile, Parenting Press moves to an office building—within jogging distance of the Crary home.

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On the Wings of a Butterfly introduces the topic of impending death, and I’m Mad, I’m Frustrated, and I’m Proud launch the Dealing with Feelings Series for 3–9-year-olds.

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Living with the Active Alert Child helps parents understand the overwhelmingly intense child.


Oprah Winfrey and Elizabeth Crary discuss temper tantrums and STAR Parenting on “Oprah.”

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Elizabeth Crary introduces Love & Limits, the STAR Parenting child-guidance model that makes her a popular speaker in the U.S. and Japan.

Shari Steelsmith

1996 goes live. One popular feature is written by Shari Steelsmith, a former Parenting Press editor. If you're a faithful reader, you can see Steelsmith's children grow up through the weekly parenting tips she shares.

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  • Chicago-area author/illustrator Janan Cain finds autograph-seekers on her doorstep and children recognizing her in supermarkets after the publication of The Way I Feel.

  • Parenting Press media kits go online, providing editors with ready-to-use excerpts from new books and feature stories about our authors.


Parenting Press’s web site, with its guide to talking to kids about terrorism, is one of 15 online resources cited by the U.S. Department of Education for its value in addressing the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. (Ours was the only dot-com site listed.)

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Two new books, My Grandma Died: A Child’s Story about Grief and Loss and 25 Things to Do When Grandpa Passes Away, Mom and Dad Get Divorced, or the Dog Dies, help children understand death, loss, and the grieving process.


Parenting Press's 25th anniversary!

To celebrate, the company launches a revised web site, complete with teacher resources, and an online catalog.

Erika Wilson
  • The Fish Lips Face photo contest continues with the publication of the toddler board book edition of The Way I Feel.

  • The new Parenting Press Book Fair [no longer offerred] offers quantity discounts and merchandise credits.

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  • The Self-Calming Cards, created by Elizabeth Crary and Mits Katayama, are an innovative publication that makes it easy for children and adults to find coping strategies and techniques.

  • Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Mits Katayama team up on the picture book, What About Me? 12 Ways to Get Your Parents’ Attention (Without Hitting Your Sister). They get attention, too—from awards program judges and from the media. In fact, the grandfatherly Katayama opens up the Tacoma News Tribune one morning to find a full-page feature on himself!


Parenting Press introduces Qwik Books, concise guides that can be downloaded from the web site. The goal: to provide parents and caregivers with help whenever they need it, wherever they are.

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  • The Way I Feel, now beloved by millions of children, parents, and professionals, comes out in Spanish.

  • Our popular Mommy! I Have to Go Potty! (2nd ed.) is revised and expanded by Helen F. Neville, who adds chapters on special needs children and working with child-care providers.

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  • Preventing SIDS and sexual abuse are covered in new Qwik Books.

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  • Janan Cain teams up with Steve Metzger for another children’s picture book, The Way I Act. Like The Way I Feel and Así me siento yo, it’s immediately approved for classroom use by California, one of the states with centralized review of children’s books and texts.

  • Elizabeth Crary uses decades of work with parents to create and introduce a new approach to parenting in her STAR Parenting Tales and Tools, which provides practical, realistic guidance for the years from toddlerhood to adolescence.

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Last updated February 03, 2017