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by Jean Illsley Clarke, M.A.

illustrated by Cary Pillo

Reviews and Comments

Time-In: When Time-Out Doesn’t Work is must reading for every parent who has ever felt frustrated, helpless, angry, or scared when traditional parenting tools don’t work. Time-In offers new insight into what children desperately need with the adults in their lives: connection and trust. The “Time-In” process uses four tools (Ask, Act, Attend, Amend) that can be put together by the parent like interchangeable pieces of a puzzle. These tools are versatile enough to help any parent or child care provider handle any behavior in any child ages one to twelve. Time-In is an essential addition to any personal or community library parenting or child-care collection.
Midwest Book Review, April 1999
Book cover

Useful for birth to early teens
80 pages
$12.95 paperback
$21.95 library

1999 Parents’ Choice
Approval Award

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Last updated June 11, 2014