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by Jean Illsley Clarke, M.A.

illustrated by Cary Pillo

This book is for parents who have felt frustrated, helpless, angry, or scared when traditional parenting tools didn’t work. Jean I. Clarke offers new insight into what children desperately need with the adults in their lives: connection and trust.

The Time-In process helps you “get through” to your children. This process can prevent many problems because it is an overall approach that teaches children how to be competent, to think, and to succeed. It uses four tools, Ask, Act, Attend, and Amend, that can be put together like interchangeable pieces of a puzzle. These tools are versatile enough to help parents handle any behavior in children ages one to twelve years. You can use Time-In when you want your children to—

  • Listen and think (Parent asks.)
  • Change their behavior in a positive way (Parent acts.)
  • Pay attention to what they or others need (Parent attends.)
  • Right a wrong they have done (Child amends.)
The Puzzle Pieces
Book cover

Useful for birth to early teens
80 pages
$12.95 paperback
$21.95 library

1999 Parents’ Choice
Approval Award

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Last updated June 11, 2014