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One of your children is easy-going. The other one's a challenge every single minute of the day. But temperament isn't good or bad—it's just the way we are.

These books help you understand and manage your children's temperaments.

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The Way I Act

Ideal for teaching kids the vocabulary and concepts for “compassion,” “friendliness,” and “responsible,” this picture book is also full of zany characters who demonstrate and describe “curious,” “brave” and “imaginative” with behavior every child can identify with. More . . .

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Temperament Tools

Children are different from the day they're born—and they stay different no matter how they’re parented. A valuable guide to the inborn traits of young children. More . . .

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Living with the Active Alert Child

Does your child have more energy, more creativity, and more intensity than anyone you’ve ever known? Realistic advice on managing the bright, active, sensitive child. More . . .

Last updated January 11, 2014