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Temperament Tools
Working with Your Child’s Inborn Traits

Revised Edition

by Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N. with Diane Clark Johnson, CFLE

What professionals say about Temperament Tools:

Recommended by the Training, Intervention, Education and Services for Adoption unit at Mattel Children’s Hospital, UCLA, Temperament Tools has drawn such praise as:

“Knowledge of inborn temperaments can give parents a head start in understanding their child and each chapter offers strategies to help parents approach various situations.”
—University of Toronto, Family Care Office
“This remarkable, engaging book can save you and your children from years of tears. It can protect you from unnecessary frustration, struggle, anger, and sadness, and can help you and the children you love grow in understanding and self-esteem. . .Helen Neville and Diane Clark Johnson help readers assess children’s temperament traits, understand the interactions between children’s and parents’ patterns of behavior, and learn how to provide the loving structure and support that can prevent challenges from becoming catastrophes. . .They provide practical, detailed and accessible guidance for us . . .”
—Herman M. Frankel, M.D., Portland OR
“Helpful for teachers and parents. I have recommended it multiple times and have two copies at school. Helen Neville is practical and wise.
—Elementary counselor

What parents say about Temperament Tools:

“A book all parents and grandparents should read. I was truly amazed at how easily each of my three kids each fit into a different temperamental category listed in the book. I have found it hard for others (especially grandparents) to understand that some things are just part of who kids are. This book is directed toward parents of young children but our oldest is 10 and I find it to be helpful with him too.”
“This book is wonderful. I loved reading through all of the temperaments and comparing them to my children. We got a lot of laughs over all the heartache our two-and-a-half-year-old was giving us with potty training. I really enjoyed the section on relating to your child based on your personality type.”
“The most wonderful tool to understand and relate to my three-year-old. It helped me see things from his perspective and deal with issues without sacrificing the values I wanted him to have. If you don’t understand why your child does the things he does, I recommend this to EVERYONE — especially mothers of extremely active, verbal boys.”
“This book was recommended by a social worker and ‘potty training expert.’ As we all know, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ way to deal with children. Each child’s temperament is a strong determinant in what will be successful. It was fascinating to read about a personality type that really described my son, and gave me some insights into his world.”
“Gave me wonderful ideas for working with my child’s highly intense temperament. It also gave me some new and more appropriate ways to think about my child’s difficult behaviors.”
“I read it a few years ago and I find myself returning to the tools and tricks I learned from it time and time again. When things get too dramatic or when we’re at an impasse with my kid, I think about where both he and I or maybe he and my spouse are coming from temperamentally. A different approach sometimes unravels the tension well.”
“After having reread Temperament Tools, all I can say is: buy this book. Isn’t it nice to read an expert’s opinion saying that none of the screwy things your child does are necessarily your fault, or under your power to control?. . .Understanding that my little boys just are how they are, and are not trying to make my life difficult, has already made for more peaceful parenting on my part. So buy this book.

What reviewers say:

“Starting with the idea that all children are born with individual temperaments, Neville and Johnson. . .build on the work of Dr. Stella Chess and Dr. Alexander Thomas, who identified nine temperament traits in Children. Parents are encouraged to identify their children’s temperament types based on descriptions for activity level, adaptability, approach to new things, frustration reaction, intensity of emotions, mood, regularity, and sensitivity. The remaining chapters describe various temperament types and give parents suggestions for how to deal with children who have them. Special attention is given to the ‘mesh’ between the parent’s temperament and that of the child. This is a useful book for all parents and others who work closely with children. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal, about the original edition
“The authors offer excellent descriptions of behavior types, and many good strategies for intervention.”
The Nurturing News, about the original edition
“A brilliant book which can help you identify and work with your child’s inborn temperament . . . This book is like a workbook—asking questions and offering easy to understand answers. No psychobabble here . . .”
The Montclarion, about the original edition
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Especially useful for ages birth–6
126 pages
$16.95 paperback

“. . . a useful book for all parents and others who work closely with children. Highly recommended.” Library Journal

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About the Author:
Helen Neville
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Last updated May 27, 2015