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Temperament Tools
Working with Your Child’s Inborn Traits

Revised Edition

by Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N. with Diane Clark Johnson, CFLE

Table of Contents


1. Gifts from Birth, Inborn Traits

2. What Makes My Child Tick?

Temperament Chart

3. Temperament Tango, Parent & Child Together

4. Pawly Puppy - The Child of Moderate Temperament

Children with One Temperament Extreme

5. Cam Chameleon - The Low Energy, Highly Adaptable Child

6. Tarita Turtle - The Low Energy, Easily Discouraged Child

7. Fenson Fawn - The Sensitive, Intense, Cautious Child

8. Tegan Tiger - The Intense, Slow to Adapt Child

9. Walla Whale - The Active, Slow to Adapt Child

10. Baylee Bluebird - The Active, Easily Frustrated Child

11. The Bear Cubs - Temperament or Tempreament Plus?

12. Shared Behavior Issues of Many Temperament Types

How to Manage Strong Feelings, Discipline, Sleep, Potty Training, and Sibling Rivalry

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Especially useful for ages birth–6
126 pages
$16.95 paperback

“. . . a useful book for all parents and others who work closely with children. Highly recommended.” Library Journal

Book Description
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About the Author:
Helen Neville
Author’s Website

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Last updated May 27, 2015