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Temperament Tools
Working with Your Child’s Inborn Traits

Revised Edition

by Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N. with Diane Clark Johnson, CFLE

With the first edition of Temperament Tools, pediatric advice nurse and temperament specialist Helen F. Neville and parent educator Diane Clark Johnson helped the parents of young children understand that children are different from the day they’re born—and their temperaments stay different no matter how they’re parented.

Now revised and expanded to include the latest research, this new edition continues to emphasize that children’s behavior reflects their inborn traits. Whether you’re a parent or a professional, once you understand those traits, you’ll be better prepared to handle behavior.

Temperament Tools explains:

  • What’s normal for your child;
  • How you can manage challenging behavior and attitudes;
  • How you can teach your child to cope with his or her behavior; and
  • How all of you can avoid guilt and blame.

Here’s what parents say about the original edition of Temperament Tools:

“This book is wonderful. . . . really helped me see where my child is coming from and relate to him there.”

“If you don’t understand why your child does the things he does, I would recommend this to everyone—especially mothers of extremely active, verbal boys.”

“This is a book all parents and grandparents should read. I was truly amazed at how easily each of my kids fit into a different temperamental category. As a homeschooling mom, I truly know my kids but have found it hard for others (especially grandparents) to understand that some things are just part of who they are. I have bought many books trying to explain this to my family. This is the best!”

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Especially useful for ages birth–6
126 pages
$16.95 paperback

“. . . a useful book for all parents and others who work closely with children. Highly recommended.” Library Journal

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Helen Neville
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Last updated May 27, 2015