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Telling Isn’t Tattling

by Kathryn Hammerseng

illustrated by Dave Garbot

Reviews and Comments

This book contains a collection of stories that allows your child to decide whether the character in the story is telling or tattling. The conditions for telling and tattling are listed for discussion. The book also includes a page for young readers to list the people with whom they feel safe. A good resource to aid adults in responding to their children’s requests for help.
Parent Council
“Will help children understand when they should tell a trusted adult, which could help avert otherwise dangerous situations. . .The clear implication is that tattling is not appropriate, but telling is not only appropriate, but necessary.”
Healing Stories

Recommended by the Christian Science Monitor, the Polly Klaas Foundation and the Minnesota Center against Violence and Abuse, Telling Isn’t Tattling draws this praise from reviewers:

“A good abduction and abuse prevention book due to the examples used. . .Line drawings could be copied and used as a coloring book.”
“Sometimes children endure horrid suffering because they are afraid of ‘tattling.’ . . . This book offers relief from the highly stressful situation of being afraid to tell but desperately needing to tell.”
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Useful for 4–12 years
32 pages
$7.95 paperback

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Last updated June 04, 2014