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Curriculum Adoptions

Many curriculum packages have chosen to include Parenting Press children’s books. Several are approved by state education departments, and those in English intended for kindergartners and older children all are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

For feelings, character education and social skills units, and for language arts in English or Spanish, you’ll find a variety of classroom-tested resources in Parenting Press books.

Our most popular title ever, The Way I Feel, teaches children the vocabulary of emotions. Available in Spanish as Así me siento yo, it’s also ideal for English Learner Language programs and for foreign language classes. With companion The Way I Act, these books are widely used in special education programs, especially with the autistic.

Recognizing and dealing with emotions are also the topic of the Self-Calming Cards, a deck of oversize cards with kids demonstrating coping skills and text in English and Spanish. The Feeling Elf Cards & Games poster show and describe 20 emotions in English, Spanish and Japanese.

For teaching emotional control, character education and social skill development, our four series of children’s branching-path books encourage kids to brainstorm and try out different responses to common issues.

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Teacher Guides

Carefully outlined, step-by-step guides for classroom presentations on:

  • Feelings
  • Character education and values
  • Spanish and English vocabulary
  • First aid
  • Accepting “No” as an answer

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Classroom Activities

  • activity plans
  • reproducibles

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Last updated February 02, 2017