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Taking “No” for an Answer

by Laurie Simons, M.A.

illustrated by Dave Garbot

Detailed Contents


Dear Reader

Getting Started

Parents’ Guide to Social Skills Development
Three Ways Families Behave
Tips for Playing the Games

1. Feeling Safe and Relaxed, Trusting

Tips for Feeling Safe and Relaxed
          Swing High, Swing Low
          Yum, Yum
          Hide and Seek
          Rag Doll

2. Respecting Boundaries

Tips for Respecting Boundaries
          I’m Stuck on You
          See the Boundary
          Red Light, Green Light
          Captain, May I?

3. Making Requests

Tips for Making Requests
          Ask Me
          My Request Card
          Mix and Match
          Hands Off!

4. Listening

Tips for Listening
          My Echo
          My Favorite Things
          Look at Me
          Hey, You -- Catch!

5. Taking “No” for an Answer

Tips for Taking “No” for an Answer
          May I Have Your Seat, Please?
          Traffic Cop
          Yes and No
          Invisible Leader
          Oh, Phooey!

6. Following Directions

Tips for Following Directions
          Follow the Leader
          I Got It!
          Pantomime Game
          Follow Me, Follow You

7. Acknowledging Others

Tips for Acknowledging Others
          Hello, There!
          Wish Me a Rainbow
          Circle of Thanks

8. Planning

Tips for Planning
          What Shall We Do Next?
          My Time
          Chore Partners

9. Making and Keeping Agreements

Tips for Making and Keeping Agreements
          Be on Time!
          My Word
          Helping Hands
          Rules of the Game

10. Cooperating

Tips for Cooperating
          Sock Juggle
          Bouncing Beans
          Balloon Walk
          Me First

11. Solving Problems

Tips for Solving Problems
          Obstacle Course
          Divvy Up
          Pillow Challenge
          Kids Rule

12. Resolving Conflicts

Tips for Resolving Conflicts
          Tug of War
          Pot of Gold
          Paper Ball Battle
          Hot Air

Beyond Play


Book Cover

Useful for 3–12 years
128 pages
$15.95 paperback
$21.95 library

Book Description

About the Author:
Laurie Simons, M.A.

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Last updated June 03, 2014