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Taking “No” for an Answer
and Other Skills Children Need

by Laurie Simons, M.A.

illustrated by Dave Garbot

Recommended by the Boy Scouts of America’s Scouting magazine for parents, Taking “No” for an Answer introduces twelve basic skills that prevent or squelch common family problems. To teach these skills, author Laurie Simons developed more than 50 games to help you and your children have fun while learning to change negative family behavior.

Simons’s approach, which helps ensure that the next generation of parents will have effective skills to use with their families, has drawn such praise as:

Taking No. . .isn’t an ordinary ‘how-to’ book on parenting. . .Rather it offers a unique and effective approach that doesn’t require parents to wait until a problem presents itself to initiate an effective parental response. . .
“If you only have time to read one ‘how-to’ book on parenting, make it Laurie Simon’s Taking No for an Answer. . .A highly recommended addition to personal, professional and community libraries.”
Midwest Book Review

These games give you a chance to improve your family relationships and social interactions by teaching you how to —

  • be parents and let kids be kids
  • give your kids tools for getting along
  • reduce sibling rivalry
  • get rid of whining and tantrums
  • stop interruptions
  • decrease arguing, backtalk, insults

When they play the games, your children will learn how to —

  • take “No” for an answer
  • listen
  • make appropriate requests
  • follow directions
  • problem solve
  • respect boundaries

The games are presented in an easy to follow, recipe format with engaging illustrations. Taking “No” for an Answer . . . helps you prevent common family problems before they happen or stop them if interaction is out of hand. Either way, you and your children will have fun!

Laurie Simons, M.A. has worked in hospitals, agencies, clinics, and schools, developing strategies and training programs for parents and professionals who raise or work with challenging children. She is in private practice in Bellevue, Washington.

Book Cover

Useful for 3–12 years
128 pages
$15.95 paperback
$21.95 library


About the Author:
Laurie Simons, M.A.

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Last updated June 03, 2014