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STAR Parenting Tales and Tools

by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.



Part One: STAR Parenting Process

1. STAR Parenting in Action

2. The STAR Parenting Process

3. Consider Your Expectations

Part Two: STAR Parenting Points and Tools

4. Avoid Problems

5. Respond to Cooperation

6. Acknowledge Feelings

7. Set Reasonable Limits

8. Teach New Skills

Part Three: Using the Whole STAR

9. How to Get Started

10. The Dark Side of the STAR

11. When Things Don’t Work

Closing Thoughts


A. Poster, Tables, and Forms

B. STAR Parenting Ideas Bank

C. Resources


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Useful for 2–14 years
256 pages
$23.95 paperback

Book Description
Media Kit

About the Author:
Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

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Last updated June 10, 2014