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Something Is Wrong at My House

by Diane Davis

illustrated by Marina Megale

How can kids understand—and cope—when their parents fight? Based on a true story, this 32-page book shows a child seeking, and finally obtaining, help in a domestic violence situation. Written so that it can be used with both the very young, and the school-age child, Something Is Wrong at My House provides brief text with illustrations on one page of each two-page spread, and more detailed information on the facing page. Ideal for use by school nurses, counselors, social workers and teachers, and by therapists, and the staff in shelters.

The first edition of Something Is Wrong at My House is available in English with library binding, and in Spanish.

Recommended by the Minnesota Center against Violence and Abuse and the Polly Klaas Foundation.

Book cover

Useful for 3–12 years
32 pages
$7.95 paperback
$16.95 library

Available in Spanish as
Algo Anda Mal
En Mi Casa

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Last updated June 04, 2014