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Developing Interpersonal Skills

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Sharing, dealing with siblings, joining a group, communicating how they feel: examples of skills children must learn. To guide this learning, Parenting Press offers situations and characters that children can identify with.

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What About Me?

What About Me? 12 Ways to Get Your Parents’ Attention (Without Hitting Your Sister) is perfect for a new big sister or brother, or a child who’s feeling ignored. Praised for its attention to jealousy, anger and compassion.

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Children’s Problem Solving Series

Children’s Problem Solving Series introduces brainstorming approaches to sharing, joining a group, developing patience, and name-calling. Teacher guide available for My Name is Not Dummy.

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Dealing with Feelings Series

Dealing with Feelings Series helps kids identify emotions, distinguish between feelings and actions and effectively deal with emotions. Topics include anger, frustration, fear, pride and excitement. Teacher guide available for I’m Mad.

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Kids Can Choose Series

Kids Can Choose Series teaches problem-solving skills with stories that cover teasing, classroom theft and negotiating with siblings. Teacher guides available.

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Decision Is Yours Series

Decision Is Yours Series gives kids options for handling bullying, peer pressure, cheating, and changing schools. Teacher guides available; aligned with the Common Core State Standards, approved for California classrooms.

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Self-Calming Cards

Kids can learn how to express their feelings with the Self-Calming Cards deck, approved for classroom use, appropriate for special needs and bilingual Spanish/English programs.

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Why Does that Man Have Such a BIG NOSE?

Why Does that Man Have Such a BIG NOSE? introduces the concept of diversity in people’s appearances common in everyday life.

Last updated January 11, 2014