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The Sleep Book for Tired Parents

by Rebecca Huntley

Table of Contents


1. Sleepless Nights

What Is a Sleep Problem?
Types of Sleep Problems
Does Your Child Have a Sleep Problem?
Why Work on It?
When Is the Right Time?
Parents’ Readiness
Is It Too Late?

2. Building the Basics

Sleeping Through the Night
Biological Rhythms
Sleep Associations
Sleep Needs and Patterns
A Word About Babies
Reasons for Difficult Sleep
Normal Development Affects Sleep
Tips to Avoid Sleep Problems

3. The Trouble Spots

Separation Anxieties
The Importance of Rituals
Transitional Objects
Getting Mobile Kids into Bed
Keeping Kids in Bed
Getting Kids to Sleep
Late Sleep Cycles
Night Fears
Hunger and Night Feeders
Sleep Terrors
Handling Sleep Terrors
Early Risers
Daytime Schedules Affect Night
Naptime—Your Time

4. Four Basic Approaches

The Family Bed Approach
The Cry It Out Approach
The Teaching in Small Steps Approach
The Living with It Approach

5. Plan for Success

Develop a Sleep Plan
Step 1: Gather Data
Step 2: Define the Problem
Step 3: Look at Alternatives
Step 4: Decide on a Plan
Step 5: Put the Plan into Action
Step 6: Evaluate the Situation
Step 7: Congratulate Yourself

6. Put Theory into Practice

Teaching in Small Steps Approach
Cry It Out Approach
Family Bed Approach
Living With It Approach
One Problem, Four Solutions

7. The Parent’s Side

Three Kinds of Guilt
Short Term Paint vs. Long Term Gain
Summary of Guilt
Caring for Yourself
Where to Go When Nothing Works


Summary Sheets
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Useful for birth–10 years
104 pages
$14.95 paperback
$21.95 library

“. . . must reading for any parent needing help with a child having problems sleeping.” Midwest Book Review

Book Description

About the Author:
Rebecca Huntley

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Last updated May 28, 2014