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Self-Calming Skills

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Anxious. Excited. Frustrated. Just a few of the feelings kids have to learn to handle as they acquire emotional competency. Whether you’re a parent or professional, you’ll find Parenting Press publications are both practical and realistic in teaching kids to soothe themselves.

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Self-Calming Cards

Dozens of self-calming strategies are explained in this card deck. Each of the 24 illustrated cards describes how you can soothe yourself with a different method—physical, auditory/verbal, visual, creative, self-nurturer and humor. Another 16 cards provide step-by-step instructions for games and activities to use with the calming cards. In Spanish and English. More . . .

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24 Simple Self-Calming Tools

An ideal complement to the Self-Calming Cards, this downloadable book briefly explains why kids get angry and how parents and caregivers can introduce self-calming tools. Includes 24 techniques appropriate for children through adults. More . . .

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Easy gestures that can ease your tension in as little as a minute or two, mudras can help both adults and children focus, whether balancing a checkbook, preparing a speech or finishing math homework. This well-illustrated guide introduces two dozen gestures. More . . .

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Mudra Pocket Cards

Want mudra how-to’s when you’re on the go? The 24 complementary Mudra Pocket Cards are ideal. Each explains and illustrates a single mudra, so it’s easy to slip a card or two into your pocket. More . . .

Last updated January 14, 2014