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Self-Calming Cards

by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

illustrated by Mits Katayama

What can kids do when they’re angry, anxious or frustrated?

How about the “mad” dance? Or stringing beads? Or kneading bread?

These are just a few of the dozens of self-calming strategies explained in this card deck. Each of the 24 illustrated cards describes how you can soothe yourself with a different method—physical, auditory/verbal, visual, creative, self-nurturer and humor. Another 16 cards provide step-by-step instructions for games and activities to use with the calming cards. Written in both English and Spanish, these cards and the accompanying instruction sheet explain how parents and teachers can introduce the cards and the concept of self-calming. The materials also discuss how adults can model the use of such self-soothing techniques as taking a warm bath, making a joke to defuse a situation or singing a silly song.

Each calming method includes suggested activities for a range of ages, from toddler to adult.

Approved by the California Department of Education for supplemental use in the classroom

Useful for 2–10 years
36 cards
$12.95 card deck

Media Kit
About the Author:
Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

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Last updated May 26, 2014