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Roslyn Duffy

Roslyn Duffy Advocates
Awareness of International Issues

Remember the maxim, “Think globally, act locally?” Roslyn Duffy does both.

This writer has spent her career working close to home—as a mother of four, the owner/director of a Montessori preschool and now as a family counselor in private practice. She works globally, too. Duffy says she’s always been interested in different cultures, and now, through her writing for Child Care Exchange magazine, she has for several years had the opportunity to speak at international forums in Singapore, Auckland, Athens and Acapulco.

How do these two interests relate to each other?

“How we as individuals view the world is shaped early in our lives,” Duffy points out. “Regardless of the culture we live in, we tend to assume our perspective is universal.”

It’s not, of course. That’s why Duffy believes we need greater awareness of international issues.

“We need to better understand both our perspective and that of others so we can be respectful of each other.”

This global understanding can benefit us on the home front, Duffy says.

“When we value and appreciate our traditions—what it is that makes us who we are—we create a sense of strength in our families and ourselves and we don’t feel threatened by others.”

Because of her experience in counseling, Duffy knows a lot about feeling threatened. Although her practice encompasses personal growth and parenting issues, her greatest challenge is ADHD.

“Working with families where a child has been diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder is the most demanding part of my practice because of the stigma attached to this problem,” she notes.

Besides helping families develop strategies for handling the symptoms of this disorder, Duffy finds much of her practice involves working through the grief that often accompanies such a diagnosis.

This grief is part of what she’s discussing in a new book on ADHD, says the counselor, who has written four other books, most on child guidance. She and Elizabeth Crary also created the Parenting Press publication, The Parent Report Card, which is designed to help children express how they feel about their relationships with their parents.

Roslyn Duffy

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Last updated May 05, 2008