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Emotions, Abuse, Biting among Topics of 2014 Bestsellers

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Our fiscal year ended June 30, and statistics for the previous 12 months show that Janan Cain’s picture books about emotions and traits continue to be our most popular titles. Second to The Way I Feel and The Way I Act is Lory Freeman’s It’s MY Body, which helps very young children avoid abuse, and Elizabeth Crary’s Self-Calming Cards, which describe and show how all of us can cope with anger, anxiety and similarly strong emotions.

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The Biting Solution, Lisa Poelle’s practical, realistic guide to stop toddlers from biting, was another top seller, and has been purchased by hundreds of libraries thanks to a glowing review in Library Journal. The Trouble with Secrets by Karen Johnsen, another classic for abuse prevention, and two additional parenting guides were also among our most popular. They are Redirecting Children’s Behavior, by Kathryn Kvols, and Living with the Active Alert Child, by psychologist Linda Budd.


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Last updated July 02, 2014