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Biting Expert Attracts 1,700+ to Webinar

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More than 1,700 are registered for author Lisa Poelle’s Jan. 22 webinar, “Take the Sting out of Biting- The Administrator’s Role in Stopping Biting Before it Starts,” being offered by Early Childhood Investigations.

Poelle’s The Biting Solution: The Expert’s No-Biting Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Early Childhood Educators (Parenting Press, 2013, ISBN 978-1-936903-07-8, $13.95), was the subject of much praise in the May issue of Library Journal, which wrote:

“Earnestly recommended. . .Biting is perhaps the single worst atrocity of toddlerhood. It brings out primal defense mechanisms in the parents of the victim and horrific shame and sadness in the perp’s family. However, it is a relatively common occurrence that receives little more than a nod in most parenting books.

“Poelle has a wealth of professional early childhood education experience that she brings to this topic, and here she gives parents and educators a step-by-step look at the biting tendency: what is normal child development, why some children bite, case studies of biters, and forms and worksheets for progressing through the problem. From identifying triggers to recognizing the impact of delayed language skills to working with both sets of parents, Poelle provides a wealth of practical, informative advice covering everything from developing empathy to soothing a hurt and frustrated child.

“VERDICT Child-care workers, parents, and colleges and universities with early childhood development programs will all benefit from this text. A timely and underrepresented contribution to the literature. Poelle should be commended for providing solid solutions to what feels like the ‘crime of the century’ in parenting.”

The book is available from Independent Publishers Group,, or your favorite bookstore.


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Last updated January 14, 2014