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Sharpen Kids’ Small Motor, Social Skills;
Make ‘Em Street Savvy for Back-to-School

NOTE TO EDITORS: For more information,, (800) 992-6657, Ext. 105,

Whether you’re writing about what preschoolers and kindergartners need to be able to do at school, or what older kids need to know to fit in and stay safe, you’ll find practical, realistic information in the August issue of “News for Parents.” Available by Aug. 2 at, this complimentary newsletter is packed with tips. Stories, which you can excerpt from at no charge, include:

----Get Kids Ready for Kindergarten

Veteran Seattle preschool instructor Sandi Dexter talks about self-restraint, emotional control, self-confidence and “self-care,” with lots of examples of what kids need to know before they walk into an academic preschool or kindergarten.

----Sharpen Small Motor Skills for School

Because children today are less likely to play with Tinker Toys, Erector sets, paper dolls and other toys that encourage the development of the small motor skills important in handwriting, they’ll benefit from simple activities that do require eye-hand coordination and dexterity. We suggest several.

----For Kids Who Create Dioramas

The new book “Mixed Media Dollhouses: Techniques and ideals for Doll-Size Assemblages” (published by Quarry Books, not us) is an ideal how-to guide for school projects such as dioramas. For readers whose children will be creating scenes from stories for book reports, of savannas for geography, or the plant life cycle for science, we describe how this book provides how-to’s and valuable information on adhesives and other necessary materials.

----Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse

“Street savvy,” for all of us, means being able to recognize predators. Sandy Wurtele, a University of Colorado professor who has spent her entire career working on the prevention of child sexual abuse, is the author of the newly published “Out of Harm’s Way: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse,” and she offers several examples of behavior that should alert parents, school administrators and caregivers to the potential for abuse. Dr. Wurtele is speaking in New Orleans in late August and in San Diego in September. She’s also available for interview by phone or e-mail.

Coming in the September issue:

“101 Things Everyone Should Know about Math”

“Gossip: Think Before You Speak” (for kids)

“Solutions for Bedtime Battles”

Books your readers may find valuable, or authors you may want to interview, include:

“Where Is My Mommy? Coping When A Parent Goes Away (And Doesn’t Come Back),” by Rochester NY school social worker Mitchell Kilgore, MSW, and clinical social worker Mary Kilgore, MSW, of the Jacksonville FL area. Written for children who have been abandoned by a parent or separated from one or both parents through divorce, death, neglect and possibly even deployment. Identifies what kids fear.

“Internet Safety and Your Family: How to Protect Kids and Adults from Electronic Bullying, Cyber Crime, Identity Theft and Addictions,” by Linda Carlson, a Seattle parent. Explores how families may be vulnerable even if they’re not online because of the information that others post in blogs, newsletters and on social media sites, and what’s available free or for a few dollars in “people search” directories. Downloadable.


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Last updated July 31, 2010