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Understanding How We—and Others—Think Is Topic for Author Susie Leonard Weller

Why are we always in sync with some people? And always at odds with others—especially when we’re stressed? That’s what parent educator and author Susie Leonard Weller will discuss at upcoming in-service training for Head Start and state-funded preschool programs.

[NOTE TO EDITORS: These programs are not open to the public, but Weller is available for interview to explain how these principles apply to home and work. The third program is open to the public at no charge and discusses how to handle stress, especially during the current economic downturn.]

Weller, a Liberty Lake resident who teaches for Community Colleges of Spokane, will explain how individual brain, or thinking, styles affects how we interact with others. She will also describe how stress affects our thinking styles and makes usually pleasant relationships difficult. Her presentations are based on her new book, “Why Don’t You Understand? Improve Family Communication with the 4 Thinking Styles” (Parenting Press,

The emphasis in Weller’s Head Start presentations will be on understanding both our thinking styles and those of others so that Head Start staff can work better as a team and so that it can better serve client families. Head Start is a federally-funded preschool program for at-risk children and those from low-income families.

In Cashmere, “Whole Brained Teams Support Courageous Conversations” is the topic for Weller’s Aug. 31 presentation to the Chelan/Douglas Head Start staff.

In Spokane, she will speak on “Give ‘Em a Pickle: A Whole Brain Approach to Family Service” on Sept. 11 to the Spokane County Head Start staff, and on Sept. 18 to the staff of the Spokane County Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), a state-funded preschool.

Understanding and coping with stress are among the topics Weller discusses in “A Whole Brain® Approach to Upshifting Your Stress Management Skills in Troubling Times,” a webinar available at no charge at She describes different brain, or thinking, styles, and how each may be affected by stress. She also discusses how to recognize how family members respond to stress.

More information is available at Weller’s online media kit reached via or at Or call (800) 992-5567, Ext. 105.


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Last updated August 10, 2009