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“Please, Don’t Call My Mother!”

by John Lazares and Coleen Armstrong

illustrated by Rebekah Strecker

Reviews and Comments

Experts praise John Lazares’s innovative tools for parents, teachers and administrators:

“John Lazares’s recommendations have meant success for thousands of at-risk kids.”
—Ohio Governor Bob Taft
“Wow! What a book. . . . For not only principals, but for all school administrators, teachers, parents and community members as well. The way we build strong schools starts with leadership at every level, and this book is truly for leaders. . . . I cannot over emphasize the importance and relevance of this how-to, hands on book.”
—Brian Talbott, Executive Director
Association of Educational Service Agencies
“When I became principal of an alternative school serving a portion of northeast Georgia, I asked myself what I could add to my repertoire that would have a positive impact. Then I heard John being interviewed about Please, Don’t Call My Mother. Even though I had threatened to do exactly what he advocates—invite parents to spend the school day at their children’s side—I had never put it into practice. But when one of my kids got off a pretty nasty punch to another kid, I called the teen’s mother and offered to reduce his suspension time (as John suggests in his book) in exchange for her attendance at school. The next day, there she was! She went everywhere he did and visited me when school was dismissed. It worked! That teen has changed his ways and so did a lot of other kids. So thank you, John: your wisdom and experience has helped me make a difference.”
—Joyce A. Beckett, Ph.D., Director
CrossRoads School, Eastanollee GA
“. . . tackles issues that parents and educators often find difficult to address: drug policies; punishment; student, teacher and parent morale. . . . A sprinkling of humor [makes] the book an ‘easy’ read.”
—Nancy B. Hamant, Retired Educational Consultant
Ohio Department of Education
“. . . delivers results. . . . A must-read for all parents and educators serious about positively affecting the future of our children.”
—K. A. Karvelas, M.D.
“. . . a realistic, practical answer to challenges schools face today.”
—Jane Bowdle, teacher

Other experts agree:

“The more we involve parents in the education of children, the more we get them to be part of the solution.”
“John Lazares’s program is especially helpful because it doesn’t cost anything.”

Parents express their appreciation:

“. . . a definite must-read for parents. . . . Parents, take this book to your administrators. Accept nothing less than the passion and commitment displayed by Mr. Lazares for your own children!”
“. . . if only more administrators, teachers and parents would follow [this] philosophy, what a better school environment we would have.”
“Every teacher and school administrator could benefit greatly by reading it.”

Even kids understand Lazares’s techniques:

“You should try as hard as possible to keep your parents from coming to school. It’s so embarrassing!”
“. . . I stopped acting up [because of the Parent Intervention Plan].”

Reviewer comments:

“Packed with solid information . . . A first-rate tip book for helping unruly kids.”
—Wisconsin Bookwatch
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Useful for 10–14 years
72 pages
$5.95 paperback
$8.95 library

Book Description

About the Authors:
John Lazares
Coleen Armstrong

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Last updated June 14, 2014