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Plan How to Get Where You Want to Go in Nurturing Your Children

by Harriet Heath, Ph.D.

Many of us parent on the run. That is, we respond to things that happen in the moment and later we may wish we had acted differently. Our regret usually comes from feeling that we didn’t act in accordance with our dreams for the kind of parent we want to be or the kind of people we hope our children will become. And yet we know that the next time the situation arises, we react in the same way. Is it possible to change this pattern of knee-jerk parenting into something less impulsive and more satisfying? If so, what would that look like?

Dr. Harriet Heath has studied this question for decades as she has worked with parents from all walks of life, in many different cultures. Plan . . . is her answer to parents who want to know how to parent more thoughtfully, to use those recurring situations to make decisions for their children that reflect their dreams and goals.

A set of questions to be asked by the parent forms the basis for plans the parent makes to help her or him reach certain goals for the family and its members. Answering the questions provides parents with a guide for turning everyday situations with children into opportunities to work toward their dreams for their children. The wisdom of Plan . . . lies in its universal applicability and flexibility, with no requirement to memorize techniques or procedures or adhere to schedules.

Praise for Plan How to Get Where You Want to Go in Nurturing Your Children

“ I have used [Dr. Heath’s] terrific approach to working with parents for 17 years in culturally and economically diverse settings. . . . It allows for a partnership between us, helps parents think about their goals for their children and the best way of relating to them and others so everyone can grow.” — Dana McDermott, Ph.D., CFLE, The Caring Project, Chicago

Book Cover

Useful for all ages
68 pages
$9.95 Downloadable

About the Author:
Harriet Heath, Ph.D.

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Last updated May 28, 2014