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Pick Up Your Socks

by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

Reviews and Comments

“Elizabeth Crary really impressed me. This book is very well structured with content logically presented. . .We will refer to this book for years to come.”
“A game plan for teaching children self-respect as well as respect for others. . .Reduces frustration by helping you see what is realistic for different ages. With large doses of humor and many practical tips, this is a very helpful book.”
“Helps you figure out what to reasonably expect and how to get the whole family to participate (so that you don’t have to nag). . .Tons of information about learning styles and developmental stages.”
“Encourages flexibility and realistic expectations in parents and caregivers. . .The chart on Household Jobs Participation is an eye opener. Most skills take years to get from “needs help with the task” to “needs reminding or supervision” to “does the task as needed without reminding or supervision.”. . .“Responsibility and school” and “Independent living skills” continue the theme of encouragement. . . .They help you to identify and accommodate your child’s individual learning styles.”
—Saskatoon Adlerian Society
Book cover

Useful for 3–15 years
112 pages
$14.95 paperback
$21.95 library

Book Description

About the Author:
Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

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Last updated June 15, 2014