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Whether you’re a mom, a dad, or a grandparent, we have dozens of helpful resources.

We know you’re interested in many different child-guidance topics and that you sometimes need quick, immediate help. We’ve got it—in our free weekly tips, downloadable brochures, Qwik Sheets and Qwik Books, advertising-free monthly e-zine, and the practical printed books Parenting Press is famous for.

And if you’d like to share your ideas with us, please sign up for our Advisory Group.

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Weekly Tips

Need parenting advice? Check this week's parenting tip—or the archive full of tips on other topics.

You'll find help for parents of toddlers to teens, on topics from toys and tantrums to sleep, sibling rivalry, and self-esteem.

Print out a tip for yourself or e-mail it to a friend who needs a little help.

Downloadable Brochures

You'll find quick, easy-to-read suggestions ready to print out for yourself or e-mail to a friend, on these topics:

Parent Newsletter

Bursting with ideas you can use right now, Parenting Press's monthly e-mail newsletter for parents includes thoughtful articles, book reviews, community service projects for your kids, fun activities for your entire family, features about our authors, and—in every single issue—a special discount.

Last updated January 06, 2014