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The Parent Report Card

by Roslyn Duffy and Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

Does your child feel safe, listened to and involved in your family plans? What are your son’s thoughts about allowances, your daughter’s questions on sex, or the reasons they don’t invite friends over?

The Parent Report Card is a dynamic way for parents to learn more about their children, respond to problems, and achieve more harmony as a family. The parent grades her- or himself on 30 issues of concern to the child, such as “gives me hugs and kisses when I want them” and “provides and enforces rules.” The child likewise grades the parent on the same issues. Then parent and child compare their grading, to see how their views are either similar or different. Each of the questions on the report card is keyed to additional resouces and problem-solving guidelines in the accompanying booklet.

The Parent Report Card is easy to use and provides families with many new insights and opportunities to address problems, make changes, and celebrate successes.

Roslyn Duffy is a 17-year veteran child care director, lectures and teaches classes for both parents and teachers, and is a counselor. Elizabeth Crary is a nationally known parent educator and author of many books for parents and children.

Book cover

Useful for 5–12 years

Packet includes an
eight page booklet
and five report cards

$3.95 per packet

About the Authors:
Roslyn Duffy
Elizabeth Crary

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Last updated May 28, 2014