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Out of Harm’s Way

A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse

by Sandy K. Wurtele, Ph.D.


“An excellent supplement to school-based personal safety curricula for parents of young children. . .Helps parents identify potential predators. . .”
Midwest Book Review
“A useful tool, very highly recommended.”
Burroughs Bookshelf


Dozens of psychologists, school counselors, parent educators, moms and dads reviewed the manuscript for this new book by Sandy Wurtele. Over and over again they commented on the need for a book that dispels the myths about sexual abuse and helps parents start conversations with their children about such an intimidating topic. Many expressed thanks for the description of the process molesters use to groom children for abuse, a concept new to some and important to all.

Here are a few examples of what our field testers said:

“Essential for parents today!”
“More progressive than other books on the topic; no scare tactics.”
“A must-read.”
“Thanks for bringing this to the public. As a school counselor I do ‘what ifs’ as part of sexual abuse prevention lessons; this is a great tool.”
“Like the importance placed on parental responsibility as the first line of protection for a child.”
“Full of vital information, helpful examples and hands-on techniques for talking with children about sexploitation.”
“Helps parents communicate difficult concepts in a developmentally sensitive and clear manner. Current, authoritative information.”
“Provides sample conversations to help children set boundaries around their private parts.”
“Well-written, with the benefit of short quotes from molesters.”
“Empowers children and their parents.”
“Approaches a highly emotional subject in a calm and even manner, offering specific tools parents can use.”
“Honest, truthful and informative. I’m impressed!”
“Complements school-based personal safety curricula.”
“Helpful for parent educators preparing for workshops on abuse.”
“Very focused; addresses myths and attitudes as well as creating awareness of the problem.”
“Perfect for the parents of young children.”
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Especially valuable with preschool through elementary-age children
32 pages
$9.95 paperback
$21.95 library

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Last updated June 07, 2014