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On the Wings of a Butterfly

by Marilyn Maple, Ph.D.

illustrated by Sandy Haight

Reviews and Comments

“Will comfort children who are terminally ill or who know someone who is . . . Uplifting . . .”
—Publishers Weekly
“A poignant story that gracefully and compassionately addresses the wrenching challenges a child with a terminal illness faces.”
—Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of On Death and Dying
“. . . A sense of tenderness suffuses the text . . .”
—School Library Journal
“Gentle, honest story . . . sensitive artwork . . .”
—Library Lane
—Vancouver (B.C.) Sun
“Provides a generous, uplifting start for talking with children (and listening to them talk) about death, dying, and the ‘marvelousness’ of life.”
—Children’s Book Watch
“This book is wonderful! Explaining death to a child is extremely difficult, but this book does it beautifully . . . a must-have for social workers.”
“This touching and honest tale provides a starting point for adults [for discussing death and dying] with their children.”
—Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
“Rooted in theology, but respects the child’s doubts, questions and differences of opinion.”
—Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center
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Useful for 7–10 years
32 pages
$14.95 paper

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About the Author:
Marilyn Maple, Ph.D.

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Last updated June 12, 2014