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Autism. ADHD. Backtalk. Biting.

Just a few of the topics we’ve covered in our free monthly “News for Parents,” an electronic newsletter you can read on this web site or receive via e-mail.

Each issue of “News for Parents” offers how-to’s for inexpensive family fun and suggestions for community service projects that can help your kids meet school and youth group requirements. Craft projects and book reviews, too! Just as important: readers are invited to field-test new manuscripts, and there’s a special discount on book purchases in every single issue. And don’t forget, this newsletter is advertising-free!

Another advantage of “News for Parents:” newsletters, newspapers and online media can reproduce its articles at absolutely no charge. As one Iowa family life specialist wrote us, “I appreciate the well-written articles which I use on the Extension web sites in the counties I serve.” Added one blogger, “Thanks for this fantastic resource!” Said another: “An amazing amount of content!” A Tennessee extension agent e-mailed us, “”I was pleased to get your article. . .and have used it in my weekly column for our local paper. I want to thank you for helping make my job easier and keeping parents informed about timely topics.”

Full of ideas to use with children of all ages, “News for Parents” is now in its eleventh year. It covers such topics as:

  • Writing rebus stories
  • Mentoring adolescents
  • How parents cause kids’ quarrels
  • Locks of Love (a charitable program)
  • Tweens as target markets
  • Community service with pets
  • Internet safety
  • Making Mardi Gras masks
  • New ideas for homemade toys
  • Stamps for Veterans (a charitable program)
  • Bubble magic
  • Progressive dinners

What parents tell us:

“I just wanted to thank you. . .I was struggling with my 7-year-old’s temperament and it’s really great to have such helpful tips and resources available.”
“A particularly helpful tool for ‘positive parenting.’ Particularly like the book reviews.”
“What’s New and the Feature articles, specifically the Tips for the Month, are what I look forward to.”

What professionals say:

“I have received your newsletters for several years—they are wonderful! So very useful. I sometimes find that people need to be reminded of basic parenting skills.”
executive director, alcohol and substance abuse prevention program, New York
“This is a perfect way to get info and resources for my child development associates classes. Thanks again!”
an Indiana extension service educator

May Day basket and flowers
Community service projects for kids in each issue

Bubble magic
Family fun ideas in each issue

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Last updated December 01, 2016