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Helping Children with Their Feelings: Activities & Games for All Kinds of Kids

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How to help children recognize, express and manage their emotions is outlined in this concise guide, which offers a special emphasis on those children with learning challenges related to autism, ADHD, sensory issues or developmental delays.

Mudra Pocket Cards: Stress Reduction at Your Fingertips

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Tied in knots after a day at the keyboard? Frazzled in gridlock? Tense about today’s exam? Then pick up Emily Fuller Williams’s Mudra Pocket Cards. A complement to her how-to guide, Mudras: Ancient Gestures to Ease Modern Stress, these cards each explain and illustrate a single mudra, so it’s easy to slip a card or two into your pocket, tape one to a computer screen or even grab one in the car when you’re behind the wheel.

The Secret of Toddler Sharing: Why Sharing Is Hard and How to Make It Easier

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Your toddler doesn’t share? Believe it or not, that’s perfectly normal! What little kids are thinking when you ask them to share is explained in this easy-to-read guide from Elizabeth Crary, who provides step-by-step help in teaching young children to share.

The Biting Solution: The Expert’s No-Biting Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Early Childhood Educators

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Got a biter? Lisa Poelle has help for you! The Biting Solution: The Expert’s No-Biting Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Early Childhood Educators is a comprehensive look at why children bite other kids and adults, and how to squelch this problem—for good.

Safe Connections: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Teens from Sexual Exploitation

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Child sexual abuse expert Sandy Wurtele’s second book on abuse and exploitation explains how children approaching puberty and those in their early teens may be vulnerable, and she provides valuable recommendations for parents and other adults who want to keep kids safe. Ideal for safety curricula in schools and homes, this book also discusses how to ensure your child is not becoming an abuser and how to help adolescents who have been exploited. For more information, see the book description or media kit.

ADHD/ADD Medications: What Are They? . . . How Do I Decide Whether or Not to Use Them with My Child?

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In objective, accurate language intended for parents, parent educators and medical professionals who work with parents and children, ADHD/ADD Medications provides a concise overview of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. In this guide, available 24/7 as a download for $9.95, you’ll learn how stimulants work, what other medications are available, the importance of evaluating behavior with different medications and during a medication holiday, and how to talk to your child and the child’s teachers about ADHD/ADD. For more information, see the book description or media kit.

Am I Doing Too Much for My Child?: Getting Your Child on the Road to Responsibility and Independence

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Is it possible to do too much for kids? Of course!

But how do we know what is too much at a given age or developmental stage? That’s what seasoned parenting educator Elizabeth Crary explains in a practical, easy-to-read guide that you can use with toddlers, teens and with all those kids in between.

Crary describes four levels of support typical for children, and tells us how we who care for children can shift from the nurturer role so important in early years to teacher, coach and finally to consultant. Packed with how-to’s, examples, and scenarios we can identify with, this easy-to-read book is ideal whether you’re at the beginning of the parenting journey or anticipating the empty nest.

For more information, see the book description or media kit.

Children and Chores: The Surprising Impact of Chores on Kids’ Futures

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If you’ve ever wondered what preschoolers are capable of doing around the house, or why to insist that your tweens finish their chores, you’ll want Elizabeth Crary’s new book. This quick-to-read downloadable, available online whenever you need it, suggests appropriate tasks by age, explains how to introduce chores, and provides tips on overcoming resistance. Even more important, it cites research that documents the importance of doing chores in growing up to be responsible and successful.

For more information, see the book description or media kit.

What to Do About Sleep Problems in Young Children, 12 Months to 5 Years

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The baby was crying at 2 a.m. and again at 4? Your toddler climbed out of bed at midnight? Then you’ll want to see Helen F. Neville’s concise guide to getting everyone to bed and to sleep! A registered nurse who has spent more than 30 years as a pediatric advice nurse and parent educator, she has fielded more questions about sleep in her career than any other topic. That’s why her new 32-page book is packed with strategies that have been well-tested. She’ll help you figure out what the problem is, and how you might solve it. Better yet, this book is available around the clock as a downloadable/printable. It’s as close as this web site.

For more information, see the book description or media kit.

STAR Parenting Tales and Tools: Respectful Guidance Strategies to Increase Parenting Effectiveness & Enjoyment

Link to book description

Whether you’re struggling with a power-happy toddler, expecting a second child, or riding herd on two or three (or more) children, you’ll find stories about families just like yours in Elizabeth Crary’s new how-to parenting guide. Filled with suggestions for developing your own creative solutions to both everyday and serious issues, this practical book is based on Crary’s decades of experience with real families, real situations.

For more information, see the book description or media kit.

14 Ways to Protect Your Baby from SIDS: Safe Sleep Advice from the Experts

Link to book description

In 14 Ways to Protect Your Baby from SIDS: Safe Sleep Advice from the Experts, ideal for prospective parents and the parents and caregivers of very young children, doctors Rachel Y. Moon and Fern R. Hauck explain what we know about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other sleep-related deaths, and they discuss which infants are at greatest risk.

If you’re a reporter researching SIDS or similar medical problems, you’ll want to talk to these doctors, who have focused on SIDS and the health of mothers and babies throughout their careers. Both have researched the disparity in infant deaths between African American and other racial groups, and they can explain which ethnic and cultural practices can increase the risk of SIDS.

For more information, see the book description or media kit.

Mudras: Ancient Gestures to Ease Modern Stress

Link to book description

You’re late. You’re tired. You’ve got too much work, too little money, too many places to go. You’re worried about the kids, about your partner, about your job.

You’re not unusual.

That’s why Emily Fuller Williams created Mudras: Ancient Gestures to Ease Modern Stress. In a carefully illustrated step-by-step guide, she provides easy, economical ways that all of us can reduce tension. A mudra can be learned in a minute and it can relieve physical tension in as little as five minutes.

For more information on this “hand yoga” and how it can help everyone in your family, see the book description or the online media kit.

The Way I Act

Link to book description

Illustrator Janan Cain and author Steve Metzger have teamed up to create zany characters who demonstrate and describe “curious,” “brave,” “imaginative,” and all the other traits we like to see in kids. A companion to Cain’s The Way I Feel, The Way I Act also introduces vocabulary and concepts such as “compassionate,” “considerate,” and “cooperative.” Ideal for character education programs as well as at home, library, in therapeutic settings and with children with special needs.

For more information, see the book description.

Out of Harm’s Way: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse

Link to book description

Sandy K. Wurtele’s fact-filled book details who really abuses kids, how those people target and groom kids for abuse, and why we too often ignore molesters. She emphasizes the importance of parents taking the lead in talking to children, listening to what they say and watching for signals of possible predatory behavior. “A must-read,” said several peer reviewers. Complements school curricula for personal safety.

For more information, see the book description.

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Last updated March 29, 2014