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My Grandma Died

by Lory Britain, Ph.D.

illustrated by Carol Deach

Reviews and Comments

“I personalized a copy of this book with a picture of my late friend and her granddaughter and am passing it along to the 5-year-old. It helped my heart to know I was doing something in memory of a very dear friend. I don’t feel quite as useless or helpless because of this one simple act.”
—Mari Conners
About Families Editor
“Does a good job of introducing a variety of feelings that children may experience after the death of a loved one.”
“Liked the suggestions for coping with grief.”
“Appreciated the suggestions on how very young children could express grief and get support.”
“Tells how a child can continue to reconcile the feelings of sadness and anger.”
“I like the way it works through all the emotions and ends with remembering Grandma in a positive way.”
“Simple, well-written.”

And Reviewers Agree:

“With one or two simple, direct sentences to a page, the spare, honest words reach deep to speak to the confusion, loss and pain a child may feel. . .Britain’s cogent tenderness comes across well and covers the basic information that will help children whose loved ones have died.”
—Family Information Services newsletter, January 2003
“This is the best book on the subject that I’ve found.”
—The Home School Source Book
“The natural consequence arising from the death of a loved one is the feeling of loss-based grief, confusion, and anger. With children there is often a third effect: the fear of losing others. Children are resilient, but that resilience can be augmented and the effects of grief and fear can be alleviated and worked through by parents and family members with the help of books like Lory Britain’s My Grandma Died.
     “Especially appropriate for preschool- and kindergarten-aged children, My Grandma Died is a simple, exceptionally well-crafted story that deals with all the emotional consequences children encounter with the death of a loved one. An inexpensive little book in a ‘kid-friendly’ paperback format, My Grandma Died is an appropriate addition to community library collections, and is very strongly recommended for families, day-care centers and preschool facilities, family counseling and social service agencies.”
—Wisconsin Bookwatch, May 2008
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Useful for 3–6 years
32 pages
$7.95 paper
$16.95 library

Book Description
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About the Author:
Lory Britain, Ph.D.
About the Illustrator:
Carol Deach

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Last updated May 28, 2014