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Why Don't You Understand?
by Susie Leonard Weller
Susie Weller

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Experts are enthusiastic about Why Don't You Understand?

"The most important role in our lives—and the one we are least prepared for—is parenting. Susie Weller has written the ultimate Whole Brain® parenting guide that addresses the many challenges we face. . . . Read it today—I can guarantee you will gain insight [whether you are] a child, spouse, sibling or parent."
—Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO, Herrmann International
"At last, a book that is of real, practical help to parents, teachers and children. Weller makes the latest research findings of psychologists and neuroscientists both accessible and readable. Succinct and user-friendly."
—Carolyn May, Yale College, Wrexham, Wales
"Weller's explanation of the four thinking styles is an important new tool in helping us understand each other. In everyday language, she shows how we can use the complex results of recent biological research to improve relationships between partners, between parents and children, and between siblings."
—Michael Gurian, author of Nurture the Nature, Boys and Girls Learn Differently and founder of the Gurian Institute

And so are parents:

"Very user-friendly, good examples, clear information. I'd recommend this to parents of young children and to adults who are re-evaluating their lives."
"It's a book I wish I'd had 30 years ago! It's fascinating!"
"One of the best parenting books I've read."
"Provides excellent alternative to traditional parenting techniques."
"Love the fact that it identifies that all children are intelligent but that they learn in different ways."
"This book has something for everyone: all strengths, all challenges are covered."
"Really like the holistic approach."
"Long overdue!"
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