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Why Don't You Understand?
by Susie Leonard Weller
Susie Weller

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Always Out of Sync?

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Media Questions

Researching a story on relationships? Want to know what comes after "left brain, right brain?"

Susie Leonard Weller is cheerful, articulate and full of examples about the value of understanding brain styles. She can spell out why recognizing other people's ways of thinking is so important at home, school, work and with friends. Here are questions you may find helpful in preparing to interview her.

  • How does the right brain, left brain theory mesh with the four thinking styles you've identified?

  • What kind of people are predominantly one thinking style? For example, what is a predominantly relational person likely to pursue as a career?

  • If most people have strengths in more than one thinking style, how are these demonstrated? For example, how can an artist also be logical?

  • Suppose I'm not getting along with my spouse and I suspect a thinking style issue is what makes us parent so differently. How can I identify what thinking style is causing my partner's behavior? How can I get him or her to parent my way?

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