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Where Is My Mommy?
by Mary Kilgore, MSW and Mitchell Kilgore, MSW

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About Mary Kilgore, MSW and Mitchell Kilgore, MSW

Mary Kilgore

Where Is My Mommy? was created by Mary Kilgore, a clinical social worker who has worked extensively with day and residential programs for children, and her son Mitchell Kilgore, a school social worker.

Mary Kilgore, a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, earned her degrees at the University of Michigan and has worked in the Bay Area, in Baltimore and in upstate New York. Both in day and residential programs, and in private practice, she worked extensively with emotionally disturbed children and teenagers, and with children in crisis. She finished her psychotherapy career in Rochester NY. Now retired from practice, Kilgore lives in Ponte Vedra Beach FL.

Mitchell Kilgore

Mitchell Kilgore spent part of his childhood in the Bay Area before moving east with his family. He earned a degree in special education from the University of Dayton (OH) and later a MSW from Syracuse (NY) University. He began his career in a therapeutic facility for emotionally disturbed children in grades 7-10 and later handled all instructional programming in a public high school for at-risk youth. After a move to a school social work position in an alternative school, Kilgore took his current assignment as a social worker in a public school for sixth through twelfth graders with such disabilities as learning, attention and emotional issues, bipolar, autism, and Asperger's.

Where Is My Mommy? was illustrated by Cary Pillo, a Seattle artist whose work appears in dozens of books and hundreds of magazine issues. Her largest single client is Scholastic, which produces hundreds of books for children. Her illustrations have appeared in Parenting Press publications for at least a dozen years. She earned a degree in fine art and design at Washington State University.

Although Where Is My Mommy is similar to many other assignments, it's the first book Pillo has seen on abandonment. Although, as with all other projects, she has never met the authors, she found them eloquent on the sorrow of the motherless child. "The story brought tears to my eyes," said the illustrator, who explained that it also reminded her of what she learned when researching adoptive families.

"It doesn't matter how much love adoptive parents lavish on a child," she was told, "there will come a time when they address the issue of why the child's mother didn't want him or her."

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