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Where Is My Mommy?
by Mary Kilgore, MSW and Mitchell Kilgore, MSW

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How do kids feel when a parent disappears?
How can adults help kids cope with abandonment?

If you're researching a story on death, divorce, deployment or parents who simply drop from sight, Mary Kilgore and her son Mitch Kilgore can help you understand how children feel when they think they've been abandoned, or when they're afraid that they will be.

The first children's book about abandonment with a father and son as the central characters, Where Is My Mommy? shows the confusion and agony of a little boy whose mother has disappeared. It also shows how his father recognizes that the boy's actions demonstrate his fear and sorrow.

Extensively field tested with mental health, social work and parenting professionals, the Kilgores' book is ideal for children who never or seldom see their parents. It's also for the adults in these children's lives, the custodial parents, the foster and adoptive parents, the grandparents and legal guardians. It helps them recognize and address the fear of abandonment when they respond to children's questions and behavior.