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What to Do About Sleep Problems in Young Children
by Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N.
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Media Questions

If you're researching a story about children's sleep problems, you may find these questions helpful in interviewing Helen F. Neville, author of Parenting Press's new What to Do About Sleep Problems in Young Children, 12 Months to 5 Years. In this QWIK Book, available 24/7 as a download, Neville has compiled much of what she learned when helping parents with bedtime hassles. As a pediatric advice nurse and parent educator, she has fielded more questions about sleep than any other topic.

  • How can parents get a child into bed?

  • What are the most common reasons a baby or preschooler can't get to sleep?

  • Is it realistic to expect a baby to sleep through the night by its first birthday?

  • Any survival strategies for parents when kids don't sleep through the night?

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